Creating Connections in WayFarer

March 27, 2008

In our previous screencast we demonstrated how to create biological entities and how to represent variations in those entities using standard nomemclature. We’ve just completed a screencast that demonstrates how to connect those entities via biological interactions. This is an important step in the description of our systems biology tool, we are now showing how the user can connect the dots.

For a larger view:


Doodling for Profits

March 3, 2008

A recent article in Business Week touts the wonders of doodling, or drawing simple sketches, to get a point across. This really comes as no surprise to us at WayCraft, we’ve always believed in the power of diagrams to illustrate an idea. Unfortunately there are two problems with doodling on cocktail napkins:

  1. It doesn’t scale
  2. They don’t store very well

Diagrams on white boards or cocktail napkins are great for brainstorming sessions but taking those high level ideas to the next level may require four or five white boards, or a stack of cocktail napkins, worth of information. The ideas must be transferred to a more expandable medium pretty quickly after the original session.

Transferred to what is the question. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations are the most common forms of capturing these ideas. What was once a simple and powerful diagram has quickly become just another document or presentation. Microsoft Visio offers a host of standardized, pre-drawn images but that’s where it ends; images without significant meaning.

WayFarer provides the power and simplicity of graphical representation along with the ability to annotate the drawings with much more meaning. These drawings can then be organized and stored on your computer for later retrieval and transfer to other users.