WayCraft Biosoftware Blog

The next time you have a two inch thick stack of articles that you have to read through by the next morning think to yourself; wouldn’t you rather have this represented on four or five easily interpretable screen displays? There finally is a better way of representing dense biological information and it will make all biologists’ lives a little easier.

WayCraft Biosoftware came into existence about two years ago, hatched from an idea Frank had been thinking over for some years; provide biologists with a system that could better represent and communicate their ideas and knowledge. The de facto tools for this are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, tools every scientist uses but provide very little in the way of any scientific framework.

On the other end of the spectrum are biological simulators; computer models that have been developed to simulate biological systems and replace the need for live animal or human subjects. Most biologist don’t use these in their everyday work flow, they are at present in the realm of advanced research departments.

WayCraft’s platform, WayFarer, is a software product designed for the bench biologist, an environment where they can aggregate their piles of pdf’s, capture their ideas, design their next experiment and share their results with colleagues. And because of the intuitive, graphic user interface, they can learn how to use it in hours.

Although each biologist has their own workflow we have attempted to capture those elements of the workflow that are common in all labs. We aren’t replacing the wet lab; instead we are making it work more efficiently.

Both founders of WayCraft, Frank Russo and me, Steve Connolly, have been writing our own blogs (Modelhead and Mind to Market respectively) but we felt it was time that WayCraft deserved a blog of its own in order to focus exclusively its unique and exciting products.


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